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Lady Gould's Charity

Lady Gould’s Charity was founded in 1691 by Elizabeth Gould, who was a resident of Highgate in North London.The charity first came into operation on the death of her husband in 1728. Every year since then, the Trust’s income has been distributed as grants to “inhabitants of the town and village of Highgate” who are in need.

It is a Charitable Trust which awards grants to any individual who lives in the Highgate area of London and who is, for whatever reason, in need of financial assistance, for example through mental or physical disability or through other family or household circumstances that result in the lack of some basic necessity.

The charity is registered with the Charity Commission under number 1173760. There are five Trustees.


Grants are in the region of £400 - £600 per application. Typically grants cover household items such as baby essentials, furniture, carpets, washing machines, fridges, cookers or clothing. We are not an educational charity and only in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Trustees, are grants made towards educational fees, recreational costs or for debt relief.

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We are an Equal Opportunities organisation and do not discriminate against any group or person. Applicants however must live within the area shown on the local plan. You can also check whether you live in the area by referring to the index of street names; please be aware that not all homes on every street are eligible. The Trust receives an average of 85 applications per year of which 60 are likely to qualify for grants.


By filling in the application form and sending it by post or email to the addresses shown on the form together with all supporting evidence, including a letter of sponsorship. Successful applicants cannot re-apply within 18 months of receiving a grant unless in exceptional circumstances. In the absence of a sponsor please contact for suggested referral agencies.

Grants are paid by electronic transfer to the supporting organisation and not to the applicant directly.

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